Furygan Genesis Claw Lady женска мотокуртка


Новая женская куртка с отстегивающейся подкладкой. Защита спины, плечей и локтей. Полное название куртки: Furygan Genesis Claw Lady Textile Jacket. Размер S.


Новая женская куртка, размер S (34/36).

Furygan Genesis Claw Lady Textile Jacket

  • CE стандарт
  • High tenacity polyester shell
  • Вынимающаяся (CE стандарт) D3O защита локтей и плеч
  • Карман с для защиты спины, защита в комплекте
  • Removable polar thermal liner
  • Mesh lined back and chest for added comfort
  • AFS ventilation system
  • 2 внешних кармана
  • 3 внутренних кармана
  • Adjustments at wrist, hips and arms for custom fit
  • Full connection zip
  • Snap claws to attach to casual wear belt

Based in Nimes, France, Furygan have been involved in Biker safety since 1969 and remain focused on biker protection to this day. Their continued investment in safety and protection is evident, more than ever before, through the development of their in-house research and design facility which they call ‘Motion Lab’. By mimicking the test facilities used by the French official certification authorities, they’ve been able to ensure that Furygan motorcycle clothing stays one step ahead of the competition. Their Motion Lab facilities have given birth to several entirely new innovations since their inception such as their skin protect Lining and their aluminium lining amongst many others. As pioneers of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Furygan use both their own facilities, and those of the certification authorities, to certify the level of protective performance of the Furygan clothing range. Whilst Safety and technological innovation are key areas of focus for Furygan, above all else, the classic styling and sharp design of their garments is what the brand is famous for. We now offer the entire clothing range including the full range of Furygan motorcycle leathers and their extensive collection of textile clothing.


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